Paul Drago MD

medical director and Otolaryngology Consultant,
department of Corrections in South Carolina

Dr. Paul Drago MD is a noted name in the medical profession. He is a celebrated, skillful physician in cosmetic surgery, facial plastic, reconstructive surgery, etc. Currently, Dr Drago is posted in South Carolina department of corrections on the designation of director. As a leader and pioneer in his field he delivers presentation and lectures before Lancaster medical association, New York state department of social service on wide range of topics. Dr. Paul Drago MD is an extrovert personality, regularly appearing at seminars and participated in live radio broadcasts in North and South Carolina. The presentations, lectures of Dr. Paul Drago MD are highly regarded and appreciated. This veteran physician has been a part of several research and writing projects that has subsequently found its way in prominent platform such as Journal of Laryngology and Otolaryngology, ENT journal, the Journal of Urology, etc. After completing the education and joining the mainstream profession Dr. Paul Drago MD has won several awards for his medical prowess and quality treatment. The list of awards and honors includes- Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1988, for Pediatrics, urology, radiology, and family medicine in 1989, for neurosurgery, orthodontics, and cosmetic surgery in 1990.